Accuro Medical Technologies Inc.

Developing innovative medical devices to improve patient care

Life360 Innovations Inc.

Urinary incontinence devices

Genome British Columbia

Genomics and Life Science Innovation

Torus Biomedical Solutions Inc.

Computer-assisted radiology

Biopreme Medical Technologies

Novel syringe adaptor

Collagen Solutions Plc

Biomaterials for medical devices

Accelerate Okanagan

Accelerator/resource hub for the tech industry


Agri-Food Venture Accelerator Program

MetaOptima Technology Inc.

Helping you track and monitor your moles

Quick platelet quality and microparticle testing


Promoting Victoria’s technology sector

Starling Minds Inc.

Online mental health toolkit

LightIntegra Technology Inc.

Driving innovation to commercialization

Precision Human Development

Predictive analytics to maximize hiring accuracy

Novelogics Biotechnology Inc.

Developing innovative cancer treatments

Innovation Central Society

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures


Intraosseous vascular access system

Abbott Diagnostics

High-efficiency hematology analyzers

Innovation, research & commercialization

Biomaterials for medical devices


Innovative surgical skin prep products


Accelerating growth in wireless innovation

Southern Lights Biomaterials

Helping build successful ventures

InnerVision Medical Technologies Inc.

High-resolution diagnostic ultrasound

Oxipita Inc.

Image processing & e-vision solutions

New Ventures BC

Pre-commercial DNA micro-array

UBC Industry Liaison Office

Pre-commercial vibro-elastic ultrasound device

Emergo Group Inc.

Global medical device regulatory consulting

Vancouver Island University

Continuous vacuum microwave drying

SterileCare Inc

Antimicrobial catheter lock solution

Simon Fraser University

Transvenous temporary diaphragmatic pacing

NuWave Research Inc.

Critical care patient monitoring

MedVoxel Systems Inc.

Regulatory cleared cardiac MRI analysis tools

ARC Medical Devices Inc.

Pre-clinical surgical adhesion prevention product

Rostrum Medical Innovations Inc.

Photodynamic therapy for infection control

Workflow Integrity Network Inc.

Transition-stage software analytic services

Lungpacer Medical

Pre-commercial diaphragm pacing system

Ondine Biomedical Inc.

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Romich Biotechnology Fund Inc.

Pre-commercial pelvic floor prolapse repair

Pacey MedTech Ltd.

Penile cuff for control of urinary incontinence

Pacey Medtech logo

NZ Technologies Inc.

(NZTech) works in the field of Human Machine Interaction (HMI) with specialization in 3D machine vision and learning algorithms

Pacey Medtech logo
Tel-Array Diagnostics Logo

Tel-Array Diagnostics Inc.

microfluidic lab-on-a-chip for point-of-care biomarker diagnostics


Developing Ultrasound Gastrostomy for gastrostomy tube placement


FoodMesh is a B2B marketplace that matches surplus food to a verified network of businesses and charities

Commercialization strategies to move products from the inventor’s lab to the consumer’s hands


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